Straight run petrol
Description of indexNorm for makeTest method
Octan number for motor method, no less than 55TDS-511
Fraction composition:TDS-2177
- Initial boiling point.0C . not more than 3535
- end of boil, ºС, not higher185185
- balance share in flask, % (for volume), no more than22
- balance and losses, % (for volume), no more than44
Saturated steam preassure, kPa35-70TDS-1756 или TŞ 05766698-34-
ASTM D 323-94
Induction period, min, no less than600
Mass portion of sulfur, %, no less then0,1TDS-19121
Actual resin 100sm3 fuel, not more than3,0TDS-1567 или TŞ 05766698-58- 2004/
ASTM D 381-01
ColorFrom colorless before light yellowВизуально
Presence of mechanical impurities and waternoПо п. 4.2
Density 200 C , kg/m3Have no standart, Determination is nessesaryTDS-3900
Slax wax
Description of IndexFigure
WAX (mix)
WAX (SN-180)
1Mass portion of oil, %, not
more than
2Mass portion of water, %, not
more than
3Density, at 20oC,g/cm3, not
more than
Не нормируется, определение
Не нормируется, определение
4Kinematic viscosity at 100 oC,
Не более 4,0Не более 4,0
5Flash point, oC, not less than200220
6Fluidity temperature, 0С, not
less than
7Mass portion of mechanical
impurities,%, not less than
8Mass portion of sulfur,%, not
more than
Base oil

Description of Index
1Density, at 20oC,g/cm3, not
more than
2Refraction coefficient at
не нормируется, определение обязательно
3Kinematic viscosity at 100
oC, sSt, within
4Pour point, oC, not higher
5Flash point, oC, not less than170205220225250
6Viscosity index, not less
7Color by ЦНТ, max 0,50,51,02,03,0
Color by ASTM, max--1,02,03,0
Color by conditional units of КНС, not more than0,50,5---
8Mass portion of sulfur,%,
not more than
9Acidity number, mg KOH
by 1g oil, not more than
10Ash,%, not more than0,005
11Mass portion of mechanical
impurities,%, not less than
The calcinated petroleum coke
Description of index
1Mass portion of the total moisture, %, not more than0,50,5
2Ash content, %, not more than0,70,6
3Mass portion of sulfur, in %, not more than1,00,8
4Real density, g/ sm32,01 - 2,062,06 - 2,08
5Mass portion of coke with the size of pieces
more than 6 mm, %, not less than
6Mass portion of oiled product-0,5


1. The mass portion of the total moisture is not to rejection indicators at shipment in open semicars and serves for calculation with the consumer.

2. The position № 6 is not rejection. Its share exceeding the established norm is not subject to payment.

Diesel oil fror little sulfurous crude oil
Description of index
1Cetane number, not less than45
2Fraction composition:
- 50% 0C, not more than290
- 96% 0C, not more than360
3Kinematic viscosity 200С, mm2/s, (sSt)3,0-6,0
4Pour point, 0С, not more than-10
5Cloud point, 0С, not more than-5
6Flash point in close cup, 0С, not less than
- for diesel locomotive and ship engines and gas turbines62
- for diesels of the general-purpose50
- for diesels of the general-purpose40
7Mass portion of sulfur, %, not more than0,2
8Mass portion of mercaptane sulfur, %, not more than0,008
9Mass portion of hydrogen sulfideОтсутствие
10Copper plate testingВыдерживает
11Presence of acids and bases, soluble in waterОтсутствие
12Actual resin concentration, mg 100 sm3 fuel, not more than40
13Acidity, mg KOH by 100 sm3, not more than10
14Iodine number, mg I2 for 100g, not more than6
15Ash contents, % weight, not more than0,005
16Carbon residue of 10% remainder %, not more than0,25
17Filtering factor, not more than3,0
18Presence of mechanical impuritiesОтсутствие
19Presence of waterОтсутствие
20Density 200С, kg/m3, not more than860

Note: <

1. From 1 March before 1 November production and using fuel allowed with pour point not above 0 0C (without determination of the cloud point) and contents of water not more “traces”.

2. Factor on points 1, 7, 8, 9, 15 are defined seasonally, once at 10 days.

Fuel for reactive engines
Description of index
1Density 200 C , kg/m3775
2Fraction composition:
Initial boiling point.0C . not more than 150
10% ,0 C,not more than 165
50%0 ,0 C,not more than 195
90%0 ,C,not more than 230
98 %0 ,C,not more than 250
3Kinematic viscosity
200C mm 2/s ( sST) not less than1,25
400C mm 2/s ( sST)8
4Lower heat of combustion, not less than k Dž/kg42900
5Height of nonsmoke flame, mm25
6Acidity, mg KOH by 100sm3 ,not more than0,7
7Iodine number,mg KOH by 100g not more than3,5
8Flash point in close cup,0 C, not less than28
9Теmperature of crystallizations beginning 0C-50
10Thermo tart stability in steady-state condition under 1500 C
(sediment concentration) mg by 100sm3 fuel, not more than
11Mass portion of aromatic hydrocarbons, % , not more than22
12Actual resin 100sm3 fuel, not more than5,0
13Mass portion of total sulfur. %, not more than0,25
14Mass portion of mercaptane sulfur, %. not more than0,005
15Mass portion of hydrogen sulfideno
16Copper plate testing (1000 C at 3 hour)ok
17Ash contents. %, not more than0,003
18Presence of acids and bases.soluble in waterno
19Contents soap of the naften acidsno
20Presence of mechanical impurities and waterno
21Interaction with water, ball, not more than
condition to surfaces of the section condition of the separate phases

Note: for fuel TC-1, used for all climatic zones, with the exclusion of zones 1, is allowed temperature of crystallizations beginning not above-50oC

Home stowed fuel
Description of index
1Fraction composition:
-10% 0C not less than160
- 90% 0C not more than360
2Kinematic viscosity 200С, mm3/s, not more than8,0
3Pour point, 0С, not more than:
- from 1 September before 1 April-15
- from 1 April before 1 September-5
4Flash point in close cup, 0С, not less than45
5Mass portion of sulfur, %, not more than0,5
6Mass portion of hydrogen silfideno
7Copper plate testingok
8Presence of acids and bases, soluble in waterno
9Ash contents, %, not more than0,02
10Carbon residue of 10% remainder, %, not more0,35
11Presence watertrace
12Presence of mechanical impuritiesno
13ColorFrom light-drown
before black
14Density 200С, kg/m3No standard, determination


1. The factor density is defined for goods-transportation

2. In fuel, delivered population in trade retail, are fixed factors quality: -90 % – not more than 360 0C -kinematic viscosity 20 0C not more than 6 mm2/s (sSt)

3. In consulation with consumer is allowed at March, September, October and November production fuel stove home with pour point not above minus 5, under minimum temperature of the air on place of the using, not below 5

Hydrotreated Diesel fuel
Description of indexFigure
1Mass portion of sulfur,ppm,not more than0,01(100)
2Cetane index, not less than50
3Fraction composition:
95%- ºС, not more than:340
4Presence of water, ppm, not more than200
5Pour point, ºС, no more than-30
6Color, not more than
-by ASTM
-by SNT
7Flash point in close cup, ºС, not less than62
8Density 15 ºС, kg/m3 not more than840
9Mass portion of poly aromatics, %, not more than11
10Mass portion of nitrogen, ppm, not more than30
11Copper plate testingOk
12Filtering factor, not more than3.0
13Kinematik viscosity 20 ºС mm2/s (sST)No
14Ash contents, % weight, not more than0.25
15Carbon residue of 10 % remainder, %, not more than0.005
Kerosine lighting “ko-20” brand
Description of indexFigure
1Density 200С, kg/m3, not less than830
2Fraction composition:
- boiled before 270 0C, %, not less more80
- 98%, 0C, not more than310
3Color, by KHC, not more than15
4Height of nonsmoker flame, mm20
5Flash point in close cup, 0С, not less than40
6Cloud point, 0C, not more than- 12
7Acidity, mg KOH by 100 sm3, not more than1,3
8Ash contents, %, not more than0,005
9Mass portion sulfur, %, not more than0,1
10Mass portion sulfur, %, not more thanok
11Presence of acids and bases, soluble in waterno
12Presence of mechanical impurities and waterno
Light gas oil of catalitic crecking
1Fraction Composition:
- 50% is distilled at temperature, 0С not higher than280
- 96% is distilled at temperature, 0С not higher than360
2Kinematics viscosity, 20°C mm2/s (sSt)6,0
3Pour Point, 0 С, not higher than- 10
4Flash point in close cup, °C, not less than62
5Mass portion of sulfur, in %, not more than0,35
6Mass portion of mercaptane sulfur, in %, not more than0,008
7Hydrogen sulfide contentОтсутствует
8Copper plate testingВыдерживает
9Water Soluble Acids and AlkalidesОтсутствует
10Ash content, % not more than0,005
11Presence of mechanical impuritiesОтсутствует
12Water ContentОтсутствует
13Density 20 0 C, kg/m3, not higher than915
14Carbon residue of 10% remainder, %, not more than0,25
Petroleum total coke for graphite production
Description of IndexFigure
1Mass portion of the total moisture,%,not more than3,0
2Ash content,%, not more than0,6
3Mass portion of sulfur,in%, not more than0,6
4Mass portion of flying substances,%,not more than11,0
5Real density after warming up at 1300oC in a current of 5 hours,g/sm3, not less than2,08
6Mass portion of coke with the size of pieces not less than 8 mm,%, not more than60

Note: The position №1 is not rejection and defined for calculation with consumer

Technical kerosine KТ-2
Description of indexFigure
1Fraction composition:
- 10%, 0C110-180
- 50%, 0C, not less than190
- 90%, 0C240-275
- 98%, 0C, not more than300
2Acidity, mg KOH by 100 sm3, not more than4,5
3Ash contents, %, not more than0,005
4Actual resin concentration, mg 100 sm3 kerosine, not
more than
5Mass portion sulfur, %, not more than1,0
6Copper plate testingВыдерживает
7Presence of acids and bases, soluble in waterОтсутствие
8Presence of mechanical impuritiesОтсутствие
9Presence of waterОтсутствие
10Flash point in close cup, 0С, not less than28
11Density 200С, kg/m3, not less than825
Viscous petroleum bitumen 
Description of indexFigures for grades
BND 60/90BND 40/60
1The depth of needle penetration 0,1mm, not less than
at 25 oC61-9040-60
at 0 oC2013
2Melting point by ring in sphere, 0C; not
less than
3Extensibility, sm, not less than
at 25 oC5545
at 0 oC3,5-
4Fragility temperature, oC, not higher than-15-12
5Changes of the softening temperature
after heating up, oC, not more than
6Flash point, oC, not less than230230
7Mass portion of water-soluble
compounds, %, not more
8Penetration index-1,0 до +1,0-1,0 до +1,0
Unleaded car benzene
Description of indexFigure for mark
1Octane number. not less than
- By motor method76,082,585,0
- By researcher method80,092,095,0
2Actual resin 100sm3benzine not
more than
3Induction period.min. not less than:360360360
4Mass portion of sulfur, % not more than0,10,050,05
5Copper plate testingВыдерживает
6ColorОт бесцветного до желтого
7Density 200C. kg|m3Не нормируется, определение
8Saturated vapor pressure, kPa35-70
9Fraction composition :
- initial boiling point, 0C, not less than:353535
Пределы перегонки, 0С, не выше:
- 10%-summer time808080
- 10%-winter time757575
- 50%120120120
- 90%190190190
- Final boiling point, oC, not more than:215215215
- Mass portion of residue in flask, %, (vol), not more than222
- Losses, %,(vol.), not more than444
10Vapor stopper index, not more than
- summer time950950950
- winter time125012501250
11Acidity , mg KOH by 100 sm3, not more than3,03,03,0
12Mass portion of merkaptan sulfur, % not more than0,0010,001
13Presence of acids and bases, soluble in waterОтсутствие
14Presence of acids and bases, soluble in waterОтсутствие


1. Car benzene intended for long keeping (5 years) in Gosrezerve and Ministry of defense, must have a period to inductions not less 1200 min.

2. Summer time- from 1 April before 1 October Winter time- from 1 October before 1 April

Liquetied hydrocarbon gases fuel for household consumption
Description of IndexFigure
1Mass portion of components, %:
- Methane, ethane and ethylene sumNo standard
- Propane, and propylene sum, not less than75No standard
- Butane and butylene sum not more than No standard-60
- Butane and butylene sum not less than No standard60-
2Volume portion of the liquid rest at 200C, %, not more than0,71,61,8
3Excess pressure of saturated vapors, MPa at360
+450C, not more than1,61,61,6
-200C, not less than0,16--
4Mass portion of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan sulfur, %, not more than0,0130,0130,013
Including hydrogen sulfide, not more than0,0030,0030,003
5The content of free water and alkaliNo
Turkmenplen (polypropylen)
Description of IndexFigure
1Volume speed of fluidity, g/10 min2,7-3,710-152,7-3,7
2Index of polymeric granules turning yellow, not more than222
3Dimension of granules, ps/g40-6040-6040-60
4Uniformity of granules,%, not more than505050
5The elasticity module at a bend, N/mm2, not less than130014501300
6Strength at a stretching in a fluidity limit, N/mm2, not less than303130
7Relative lengthening at a stretching in a fluidity limit, %, not less than111211
8Shock durabilityby Изоду (with a cut at 23°C), kDj/m24,52,54,5
9Softening temperature by Vick (10N),°C, not less than145150-
10Temperature of admissible deformation at 0,46 MPa, °C, not less than110130-
11Thermooxidizing stability at 150°C
(in the environment of air), hour, not less than
12Definition of number and the sizes of gels in polyolefines, not more than
- Defects >0,2 mm--500
- Defects 0,7-1,5 mm--50
- Defects 1,5-2,5 mm--10
- Defects > 2,5 mm--0
13Turbidity polyolefine plates and films--Не нормируется, определение

Note: Thermooxidizing stability at 150°C (in the environment of air) defines once at 10 days.

Technical sulfur
Description of indexFigure
1Mass portion of
sulfur,% not less than
2Mass portion of ash,%
not less than
3Mass portion of organic compounds,%, not more than0,010,030,060,250,5
4Mass portion of acids converted to sulfuric
acid, %, max
5Mass portion of water,%, not more than0,20,20,20,21,0
6Presence of mechanical impurities(paper, wood pieces, sand)No

Note: Standard values for items 1-4 are converty to the dry basis substance