Coring and coring analyses

Recover the highest quality cores, obtain the best data Our coring services operate in onshore and on offshore, recovering high-quality cores in the most challenging applications…

Drilling fluids

Our mission is to develop and deploy innovative fluid technologies that help you produce more for less. We engineer advanced separation solutions for maximum performance by removing unwanted solids at…

Hydraulic fracturing

Our company approaching to fracturing maximizes surface and subsurface efficiency to optimize the value of your capital investment.

Fishing service

Experience is the difference between hours or days offline. Masters of their craft, our crews stand ready for any contingency, anytime, anywhere in the world. Once our technicians clear your…

Coiled tubing

Coiled tubing equipment for well intervention Coiled tubing is one of the most widely used tools in the well intervention sphere, with applications in all areas of the well life…

Completion services

We are offering a comprehensive portfolio of Completion Tool solutions that are purposed engineered to help customers maximize asset value…

Well kill fluids

Preparation and injection of solutions for jamming wells. The totality of the jamming fluid is the main factor that determines the amount of pressure at the bottom of the wells.


Integrated project management is an activity aimed at the full management of a well construction project, including planning and execution.

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