Well kill fluids

Preparation and injection of solutions for jamming wells. The totality of the jamming fluid is the main factor that determines the amount of pressure at the bottom of the wells.

We provide service on preparation and pumping kill fluids for killing the wells with abnormally high formation pressure

  • Delivery of chemicals to Customer wellsite;
  • Preparation of solids free kill fluids with density up to 1.50, 1.80 and 2.0 g/sm3 on client’s wellsite;
  • Engineering support of killing process on wells with abnormally high formation pressure;
  • Selection of chemical reagents, recipe and technologies for carrying out killing of wells with abnormally high formation pressure;
  • Services of cementing pump trucks while killing the well;
  • Sampling and recycling of heavy kill fluids, utilization of linear gels and viscous spills;

Preparation of viscous spills for operational needs of workover and coiled tubing crews.

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