Integrated project management is an activity aimed at the full management of a well construction project, including planning and execution.

AMA Group provides:

  • independent supervising of drilling mud support, providing the customer with recommendations for drilling fluid programs optimizing and for the control of chemical utilization
  • independent supervising for cementing slurry

Supervising service includes:
–          routine monitoring of drilling fluid parameters advance of formation exposing
–          operating control of drilling fluids quality during the trouble interval drilling. It contains the drawing up act of drilling mud parameters sampling and measuring, recommendations for drilling fluid parameters corrections to preset parameters in case of their deviation.

AMA Group provides an integrated approach that includes:

  • Supervision of chemicals storage conditions at work sites
  • Verification of drilling mud cleaning systems performance, the presence of a cleaning system in accordance with the approved technical requirements of the drilling contractor
  • Check of drilling fluids geological parameters (acts of control measurements to be prepared)

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