Hydraulic fracturing

Our company approaching to fracturing maximizes surface and subsurface efficiency to optimize the value of your capital investment.

Hydraulic fracturing is a reliable method to increase reservoir productivity by creating highly conductive hydraulic fractures.

AMA Group provides frac fleets.

To maximazie oiloutput Company provide a full range of high technologies, Plug-in Perf, acid and nitrogen treatment and coiled tubing solutions.

The frac jobs technology without pooling packer for revision allows:

  • to reduce well commissioning after drilling from 28-30 days (in case of tree layers field development) till 12-17 days (depending on performed frac job quality
  • to increase fraction operators responsibility for provided frac jobs, i.e. the performance of the frac operation design and absence of not displaced send in tubing (as a rule, RCP, the most expensive in frac job);
  • to reduce requirements for coiled tubing equipment twice, and to reduce expenses accordingly;

Our services are based on high standards of work, high technologies, environmentally work methods and innovations.

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